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business email compromise

Business Email Compromise vs. Phishing Explained

Business email compromise (BEC) is a major and rapidly growing cybersecurity threat that has caused billions of dollars in losses globally. … Read More

what is a human firewall

What Is A Human Firewall?

Being a human firewall can reduce the risk of cyber attacks that rely on human error or manipulation. … Read More

known as packet sniffer

Which of the Following Utilities Is Known as a Packet Sniffer?

A packet sniffer is a tool that can capture and analyze network traffic data that flows across a network. … Read More

cybersecurity remote work tips

Cybersecurity Tips For Remote Workers

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift towards remote work, aka telecommuting, which presented significant challenges for businesses trying to maintain cybersecurity while enabling a distributed workforce.  With the increasing adoption of telecommuting, ensuring cybersecurity for remote workers has become a … Read More

cyber risk engineering and artificial intelligence

What Is Cyber Risk?

Cyber risk is constantly evolving and artificial intelligence introduces new risks that businesses must navigate carefully. … Read More